26 February 2022

The Russian government has, without provocation, invaded a sovereign democratic nation at the heart of Europe. The Putin regime is, in the words of Martin Kimani, the Kenyan Ambassador to the UN, “stoking the embers of dead empires”. We, the undersigned, Europeans from all over our continent who are members of the European Council on Foreign Relations, stand resolutely in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their effort to resist this re-colonisation. Their fight is our fight. Their future lies in Europe with us, as Europeans among Europeans. We call on all our governments to #StandWithUkraine by:

  • Denouncing Putin’s aggression and exposing his lies: We must expose Putin’s lies and denounce his crimes in every international forum. We need to loudly proclaim that the Putin regime has blatantly violated the most fundamental European norms and laws of international conduct.
  • Sanctioning the Putin regime: We must impose the harshest possible sanctions on Putin and all the pillars of his regime. We need to expel all Russian intelligence personnel from all EU countries.
  • Supporting the freedom and safety of Ukrainians: We must provide for Ukrainians in their time of need by sending all kinds of aid to all those who can remain in Ukraine and offering refuge to those who cannot. We must also cancel Ukraine’s debt and allow Ukrainians special dispensation to work in the European Union.
  • Sharing the burden within Europe: European states must support each other in their efforts to stand with Ukraine. Unity and solidarity are our strengths. No EU state should have to bear the burdens of supporting Ukraine alone.We need to share the costs of sanctions, help each other to develop alternatives to Russian energy, and welcome Ukrainian refugees in every part of Europe.


  1. Douglas Alexander – former Secretary of State for International Development
  2. Joaquín Almunia – Chair, Centre for European Policy Studies; former Vice-President of the European Commission 
  3. Senem Aydın-Düzgit – Professor of International Relations, Sabanci University; Academic Affairs Coordinator, Istanbul Policy Centre
  4. Claudia Azevedo – CEO, Sonae
  5. Thomas Bagger – Director-General for Foreign Affairs, Office of the Federal President of Germany
  6. Gordon Bajnai – former Prime Minister of Hungary
  7. Lluís Bassets – Journalist and former Deputy Director, El País
  8. Carl Bildt – Co-Chair, ECFR; former Prime Minister of Sweden
  9. Anu Bradford – Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization & Director, European Legal Studies Center, Columbia Law School
  10. Sandra Breka  – CEO, Robert Bosch Stiftung
  11. John Bruton – former Prime Minister of Ireland
  12. Alistair Burt – Pro-Chancellor, Lancaster University; former Minister of State for the Middle East  
  13. Ditmir Bushati – Member of Parliament; former Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania
  14. Reinhard Bütikofer – Member of the European Parliament
  15. Isabel Capeloa Gil  – Rector, Catholic University of Portugal
  16. Gunilla Carlsson – former Deputy Director, UNAIDS; former Minister for International Development Cooperation
  17. Maria Cattaui – Member of the Global Board, OSF; former Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce
  18. Dita Charanzová – Vice-President, European Parliament
  19. Céline Charveriat – Executive Director, Institute for European Environment Policy
  20. Ian Clarkson – Board Member, ECFR; Founder, Celerant Consulting
  21. Robert Cooper – former Ambassador and Special Adviser, European External Action Service
  22. Lucinda Creighton – CEO, Vulcan Consulting; former Minister for European Affairs of Ireland
  23. Srdjan Darmanovic – former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro
  24. Marta Dassù – Board Member, ECFR; Senior Director for European Affairs, The Aspen Institute
  25. Julia De Clerck-Sachsse – Senior Non-Resident Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States
  26. Tibor Dessewffy – President, DEMOS Hungary
  27. Anna Diamantopoulou – President, DIKTIO – Network for Reform in Greece and Europe
  28. Nikola Dimitrov – former Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of North Macedonia
  29. Klara Dobrev – Member of the European Parliament
  30. Sorin Ducaru – Director, European Union Satellite Centre; former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges
  31. Karin Forseke – Non-Executive Director, Greater Than AB
  32. Lykke Friis – Co-Chair, ECFR; Director, Taenketanken Europa
  33. Timothy Garton Ash – Professor of European Studies, University of Oxford
  34. Carlos Gaspar – Member of the Board of Directors, Portuguese Institute of International Relations 
  35. Anthony Giddens – Life Fellow, University of Cambridge
  36. Arancha González Laya – Dean, Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po Paris; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain
  37. José Manuel González-Páramo – President, European DataWarehouse
  38. Teresa Gouveia – Board Member, ECFR; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal
  39. Heather Grabbe – Director, Open Society European Policy Institute
  40. Alexander Graf Lambsdorff – Member of the Bundestag; Deputy Chair of the FDP
  41. Jean-Marie Guéhenno – former President & CEO, International Crisis Group; former UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations
  42. István Gyarmati – President and CEO, International Centre for Democratic Transition
  43. Fabienne Hara – Secretary General, Paris Peace Forum
  44. Connie Hedegaard – former European Commissioner for Climate Action
  45. Anna Herrhausen – Executive Director, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
  46. Christoph Heusgen – Chairman of Munich Security Conference; former Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations
  47. Toomas Hendrik Ilves – former President of Estonia
  48. Wolfang Ischinger – Ambassador; Chair, Munich Security Conference
  49. Diana Janse – Senior Fellow, Stockholm Free World Forum
  50. Jo Johnson – Chair, TES Global; former Minister for Universities and Science
  51. Zeljko Jovanovic – Director, Roma Initiative Office, Open Society Foundations
  52. Rasa Juknevičienė – Member of the European Parliament; former Minister of Defence of Lithuania
  53. Eva Kaili – Vice-President, European Parliament
  54. Mary Kaldor – Professor, London School of Economics
  55. Bahadir Kaleagasi – President, Paris Bosphorus Institute 
  56. Sandra Kalniete  – Member of the European Parliament; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
  57. Lea Kašpar – Executive Director, Global Partners Digital
  58. Sylvie Kauffmann – Board Member, ECFR; Editorial Director, Le Monde
  59. Piia-Noora Kauppi – Managing Director, Federation of Finnish Financial Services
  60. Roderich Kiesewetter – Member of the Bundestag
  61. Suat Kınıklıoğlu – Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Turkey Studies
  62. Bassma Kodmani – former Executive Director, Arab Reform Initiative
  63. Bert Koenders – former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  64. Ivan Krastev – Chair of the Board, Centre for Liberal Strategies
  65. Brigid Laffan – Director, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute
  66. Sergey Lagodinsky – Member of the European Parliament 
  67. Pascal Lamy – President, Paris Peace Forum; former Director-General, WTO
  68. Remzi Lani – Director, Albanian Media Institute
  69. Martina Larkin – Senior Advisor to the Chair and President, World Economic Forum 
  70. Mark Leonard – Director, European Council on Foreign Relations
  71. Sonia Licht – President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
  72. Maria Livanos Cattaui – Member of the Global Board, OSF; former Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce
  73. Javi López – Member of the European Parliament
  74. Leiv Lunde – Senior Advisor on Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden
  75. José M. de Areilza – Secretary General, Aspen Institute Spain
  76. Cecilia Malmström – former European Commissioner for Trade
  77. Katarina Mathernova – Deputy Director General, Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations, European Commission
  78. David McAllister – Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, European Parliament
  79. David McNair – Executive Director for Global Policy, ONE Campaign
  80. Anand Menon – Director, UK in a Changing Europe
  81. Dario Mihelin – Ambassador of Croatia to China
  82. David Miliband – President and CEO, International Rescue Committee
  83. Enrique Mora – Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs, Political Director, European External Action Service
  84. Susan Morgan – Freelance Consultant
  85. Isabel Mota – President of the Board of Trustees, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  86. Matthias Nass – Chief International Correspondent, DIE ZEIT
  87. Kalypso Nicolaidis – Chair and Professor of International Affairs, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute
  88. Natalie Nougayrède – Columnist and leader writer, The Guardian
  89. Delphine O – Secretary General, UN Women Global Forum, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  90. Christine Ockrent – Journalist and Presenter of Affaires Etrangères, France Culture Radio
  91. Hanna Ojanen – Research Director, Tampere University
  92. Andrzej Olechowski – Board Member, ECFR; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland
  93. Dick Oosting – Chair of the Board, Asylos; former Europe Director, Amnesty International
  94. Andrés Ortega – Senior Research Fellow, Real Instituto Elcano
  95. Marc Otte – Senior Associate Fellow, Egmont Institute; Vice-President, European Institute for Peace; former EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process
  96. Žaneta Ozoliņa – Professor, University of Latvia
  97. Monika Panayotova – CEO, Inno Advisers; former Deputy Minister for the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency
  98. Mauro Petriccione – Director-General, Directorate-General for Climate Action, European Commission
  99. Kauppi Piia-Noora – Managing Director, Federation of Finnish Financial Services
  100. Kati Piri – Dutch Member of Parliament
  101. Lilianne Ploumen – Dutch Member of Parliament & Leader of the Labour Party
  102. Julian Popov – Fellow, European Climate Foundation
  103. Charles Powell – Director, Real Instituto Elcano
  104. Vesna Pusić – former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia
  105. Lia Quartapelle – Italian Member of Parliament
  106. Kristi Raik – Director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, International Centre for Defence and Security
  107. Rémy Rioux – CEO, Agence Française de Développement
  108. José María Robles Fraga – Ambassador of Spain to Lithuania
  109. Alex Romero – Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Constella Intelligence
  110. Norbert Röttgen – Co-Chair, ECFR; Member of the Bundestag
  111. Janet Royall – Principal, Somerville College, University of Oxford; former Leader of the House of Lords
  112. Nicolò Russo Perez – Head, International Affairs Programme, Compagnia di San Paolo
  113. Daniel Sachs – CEO, Proventus
  114. Patrycja Sasnal – Head of Research, Polish Institute of International Affairs 
  115. Klaus Scharioth – Dean, Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs
  116. Caroline Schmutte – Head of European Government Relations, Wellcome Trust
  117. Daniela Schwarzer – Executive Director for Europe and Eurasia, Open Society Foundations
  118. Radmila Shekerinska – former Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of North Macedonia
  119. Maria Sicilia Salvadores – Strategy Director, Enagas S.A.
  120. Aleksander Smolar – former President of the Board, Stefan Batory Foundation
  121. Erna Solberg – Member of Parliament; former Prime Minister of Norway
  122. Alex Soros – Deputy Chair, Open Society Foundations
  123. George Soros  – Founder and Chair, Open Society Foundations
  124. Svilen Spassov – Businessman and Publisher
  125. Volker Stanzel – former Ambassador of Germany to China and Japan
  126. Andris Strazds – Advisor, Bank of Latvia
  127. Hannes Swoboda – President, International Institute for Peace
  128. Han ten Broeke – Director of Political Affairs, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
  129. Anna Terrón Cusí – Director, International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies
  130. Helle Thorning-Schmidt – Board Member, Vestas; former Prime Minister of Denmark; former CEO, Save the Children
  131. Henrik Thune – State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway
  132. Nathalie Tocci – Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali
  133. Andreas Treichl – Chair, ERSTE Foundation; President, European Forum Alpbach
  134. Erkki Tuomioja – Vice-Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
  135. Sinan Ulgen – Chair, Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies
  136. Vygaudas Usackas – former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
  137. Justin Vaïsse – Director General, Paris Peace Forum; former Director of Policy Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  138. Tomáš Valášek – Chair, European Affairs Committee, National Council of the Slovak Republic
  139. Mabel van Oranje – Global Champion, Girls Not Brides – The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage
  140. Constatijn van Oranje – Special Envoy, StartupDelta; Director for Digital Technology & Macro Strategy, Macro Advisory Partners
  141. Ivan Vejvoda – Acting Rector & Head of the Europe’s Futures Programme, Institute for Human Sciences
  142. Romana Vlahutin – Ambassador at Large for Connectivity, European External Action Service
  143. Johann Wadephul – Member of the Bundestag; Deputy Chair of the CDU/CSU 
  144. Geir Westgaard – Vice President, Political and Public Affairs, Equinor
  145. Sabine Weyand – Director-General, Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission
  146. Karolina Wigura – Member of the Board, Kultura Liberalna Foundation
  147. Andre Wilkens – Director, European Cultural Foundation
  148. Maciej Witucki – President, Konfederacja Lewiatan
  149. Karla Wursterova – Ambassador of Slovakia to Italy